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MX73 & B110


So it’s been awhile. So here is a summary in images. B110 coupe then Cressida in that order. 71′ 1200 coupe. 1985 Cressida Sadly the Cressida was sold then the 1200 went. Mainly because I only get one parking space at my new place, but on a side note. I’m content with the Camaro. Advertisements

Purple Hippo


Lol down the street from my job there’s this big purple hippo? Wtf idk. Yes I know.

Thanks Al


Yes I found this car on Al’s car blog. Another nice car just sold. Very used S15 Spec.R. Blog is here ¬†

Rainbow Rims


Different color rims I found. Eventually I want all these colors for the Z. I’d be happy with just the SSR mesh though.

His name is….


Revgasm, and he pulled the ebrake. Check the bottom left hand corner of this blog. That’s where the blogroll is.