S30Z Goals

    My goals for this car. Not really after power. Maybe 250hp? Probably less. I’m more concerned with the setup. Individual throttle bodies, stainless headers, oil catch can, oil cooler, diff cooler, baffled pan, radiator, breather tank. Another strong part is the rev limit. I want to get it to 8k. I heard that the L28 crank can only hold up to 8500 rpms, so 8k should be ok right? Even if it doesn’t make power that high. With a completely trick head, some high comp coated pistons, and a extra strong set of valve springs. I should be able to get some decent power, and at least be able take it to 8k just for fun. As far as the suspension. I want to upgrade everything, and make it as adjustable as possible. Then slam/camber it. Get some decent wheels, cross drilled slotted rotors, rear disc brakes, an some better calipers, an lsd. Then inside of course a fixed back carbon bucket, tilted gauges, a quick release, short shifter, and roll cage. Other than that nuthin big. Some thick black 350Z paint, euro bumpers, chin spoiler, composite hood, cowl thing, hatch, and maybe front fenders. Last of all I’m reserching ways to fit a Z33, S15 or R34 6 speed to an L28 motor. I know this isn’t a real detailed list, it’s kind of an outline for me.

    Eveyone in the old school game wants Work Equip, SSR MK series, Starshark, Mesh, Longchamps, Hayashi Streets, or Watanabe wheels. Me……I really want a set Hoshino Impuls, or Work Equip 02’s.


2 Responses to “S30Z Goals”

  1. 1 Tito Santos

    eh bro…found your blog lookin for some datsun 240z pics lol and saw yours…and just been reading up ya blog…anyways just wanted to add my self to your list in trying to put the Z into stance youve been talkn bout… i got a ’73 240z. i am now the second owner.. the chassis has 93k miles original…and yes the odom hasnt crossed 100k so it hasn reset lol…anyways its a project…the carbs are bad since its been sitting for 8or 15 years if i remember right…anyways minty interior just need front carpet…idk if you want more info…but im from tampa fl thought maybe you’d like to post pics of my car or at least see it…i know most info bout the z’s but im writing to you i guess you see if you can help me out in few things..ive talkd to yuta and got some info on control arms and other parts …anyways heres a pic


    SORRY BOUT ALL THE coding haha i don know which one would actually let you see it but if you want more pics on the build let me know…

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