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II Kings


My 2 fave cars in the world. At least until I get my Z complete. Grant Scott’s 4AGZE AE71 Rolla Henry Nguyen’s KA24DE S12 200SX Both cars inspire me everytime I see them, and neither is even complete both are always improving. Can’t wait until I get my Z to this stage of […]



I want this motor so bad.

Light & Logic.


Light & Logic Motion Pictures on Vimeo. Awe inspiring.



Midnight Mechanics back again with the Rolla I <3. +2 for the new exhaust.

Flyin bird


I mean Bluebird. Hella oldschool pics.

B110 Sedan


I’m on a B110 kick. I’ve been likin this pic. Z18ET powered green monster. Sadly this motor was dying in this pic. I dunno if it’s RIP yet. Maybe R I V E R S I D E — knows more. They haven’t updated on this car since the wheel swap.

Masa is back with my fave AE86 in the world. Painted, and gangsta wheeled. Of couse all these pics I stole are from Roadsterdrift.