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MX73 & B110


So it’s been awhile. So here is a summary in images. B110 coupe then Cressida in that order. 71′ 1200 coupe. 1985 Cressida Sadly the Cressida was sold then the 1200 went. Mainly because I only get one parking space at my new place, but on a side note. I’m content with the Camaro. Advertisements

Masa is back with my fave AE86 in the world. Painted, and gangsta wheeled. Of couse all these pics I stole are from Roadsterdrift.

Mesh III


R-preme has these tripple piece 15×8 -5 offset Weds mesh for $500 shipped. Somebody could be killin with these. I’m secretly hoping nobody buys them. That way I can get them.

I want……………….. this exhaust more than any of the wheels in the 2nd pic.



Full-Lock drifts a Legacy. It’s had dohc heads swapped on, and a turbo swap. It sits on a set of gold Riken mesh 16×9.5 +5 front and 16×9.5 +13 rear. This is the first time I’ve seen one of these living up to it’s potential. It is simply sick, and it’s still gettin better (I miss […]

I’ve been thinkin yellow with a polished lip for my rims. I think they would set off the entire exterior. It would look like it’s actually cared about (which it is very much). Yes or no?

Art of Raw.


I’ve been thinkin that until I can afford some right sized wheels maybe I should polish these. What do you guys think? Black them out or go polished?