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MX73 & B110


So it’s been awhile. So here is a summary in images. B110 coupe then Cressida in that order. 71′ 1200 coupe. 1985 Cressida Sadly the Cressida was sold then the 1200 went. Mainly because I only get one parking space at my new place, but on a side note. I’m content with the Camaro. Advertisements

Damn. This thing prob pulls insanely hard.

No dice….


Got new spark plugs yesterday then tried to start the 12 today. Didn’t work. Prob gonna haveta change the cap & rotor. I’m eyein a U20 motor from a 69′ Datsun Roadster. Hopefully I get it. 40hp & 5 speed upgrade. Why the hell not?  Anyway a few pics.  Edit. Today bought a cap, rotor, points, and changed […]

Coupe’d up


This thing makes me want to get 16’s on the Z. All stanced up on TE37’s with stock body lines. Perfection.

Z status


All pics in this post stolen from Stunnr Status. Black body, white wheels, white cage. Just add a white hangring, an this is what I want the Z exactly like. I always liked this evo a grip. Also lovin their cold as ice S15. One last stolen pic. Stunnr Status. Hit up their site, and flikr’s.

You all know Slamburglars. They are responsible for that extra low Miata on SSR MKII’s that eveybody loves. Well they also roll an S13 dubbed “Drift Unicorn”. It’s cream in color with a black hood. It’s been de-lowered for legal reasons, and is no longer going to be a daily. Which is a shame.



I always see this car on Roadsterdrift. It belongs to his friend Masa. It’s simple, stanced up on some MKII’s up front. I really wanna see more of this car. Older pics.