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MX73 & B110


So it’s been awhile. So here is a summary in images. B110 coupe then Cressida in that order. 71′ 1200 coupe. 1985 Cressida Sadly the Cressida was sold then the 1200 went. Mainly because I only get one parking space at my new place, but on a side note. I’m content with the Camaro. Advertisements

Datto life


So the Celica is still a maybe……. but on to my current cars. Wagon still daily. Still 4 speed + L16 = gutless. The Z idk why it has starting issues. Won’t run without me sitting in it and revving it. And the B110 coupe. Runnin awesome. Just add windshield. Money shot…. yeah it’s smashed.

Hard to get…


The 1200 runs insanely well. I just been to lazy to hook the gas tank back up, and I can’t find a winshield. An far less important I haven’t tracked down a U20 motor yet.

1200 Datto


A few more pics of the 1200. Put the air cleaner back on. Don’t worry The Z is now a full project car. Every piece on it will be top of the line, and handpicked. The 510 is a daily, and the 1200 is a resto with a few mods (maybe a U20 swap).

B110 Sedan


I’m on a B110 kick. I’ve been likin this pic. Z18ET powered green monster. Sadly this motor was dying in this pic. I dunno if it’s RIP yet. Maybe R I V E R S I D E — knows more. They haven’t updated on this car since the wheel swap.

No dice….


Got new spark plugs yesterday then tried to start the 12 today. Didn’t work. Prob gonna haveta change the cap & rotor. I’m eyein a U20 motor from a 69′ Datsun Roadster. Hopefully I get it. 40hp & 5 speed upgrade. Why the hell not?  Anyway a few pics.  Edit. Today bought a cap, rotor, points, and changed […]

Heatbreakin 12


No not Henry’s S12. I’m talkin about the below Datsun 1200, Sunny, B110, associated with Heartbreakers. Anybody have more pics/info on this car? It’s on SSR longchamp, and underhood is a KA24DE turbo.