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MX73 & B110


So it’s been awhile. So here is a summary in images. B110 coupe then Cressida in that order. 71′ 1200 coupe. 1985 Cressida Sadly the Cressida was sold then the 1200 went. Mainly because I only get one parking space at my new place, but on a side note. I’m content with the Camaro. Advertisements



No not MKII SSR’s. The MKII Supra. To me the best Supra they ever made in that short 4 generations.  Team Obscurity probably owns the sickest one in the world right now. (Look below)

2.5 Twin


This was just sittin across at 7-11. Yup rhd MKIII 2.5 twin turbo imported. I like S30Z’s more, but MKIII’s and MKII Supra’s are hella sick. I may get another one.