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2014 is gonna be dope. Advertisements

Z status


All pics in this post stolen from Stunnr Status. Black body, white wheels, white cage. Just add a white hangring, an this is what I want the Z exactly like. I always liked this evo a grip. Also lovin their cold as ice S15. One last stolen pic. Stunnr Status. Hit up their site, and flikr’s.

Another example of why I’m going to murder my Z. Looks like it’s also rockin’ a euro spec bumper.

Side note. This sweater is hella uptown. To bad I’m a 20 year old black male, and would probably get jumped or shot wearin it.

A few random pics from today. Time to extend my exhaust,  install the oil cooler, tape the headlight better, cut springs, and find a tsurikawa. For a extremely mild Boso look. Dents from when the muffler came off before twice, and my own ghetto custom setup.

Vader’s S14


How come S14’s aren’t that popular? I think they look great. Especially the kouki nosed ones.

Cherry ZX


Nice ZX. White on black factory rims. One of the only 280ZX’s I think looks decent.