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New One.


Sorry for the lack of  post. No internet at the moment. Anyway I been busy. New rears for ths Z. Dug up alooot of paint cans. Got my sister some DC’s for her birthday An made her a semi quick card. An last but not least. I bought a 71′ Datsun 1200. I’m the 2nd […]



Eseeramorihs. Always comes out with some beautiful photography. In my opinion it’s art. Anyway here is somethin blue from him. Deep down I’m forever lovin the color blue. A few more just cause they are so clean. This guy mos def has alot of talent with a lens.



Work work ….. oh Z & graffiti…. work again. It rained I hit 8000RPM’s a few times kickin the rear out. Did a few quick stickers. Took a pic. On the Car.



I’m startin to fall back in love with art & Dickies. Nuthin compares to fresh creases, and sick pieces. Those warm random days chillin (lady or ladies around), cruisin around adventurin. Music playin. I love all that stuff. Shriiimp combines 2 of my passions.

Not dead yet..


If a shark stops swimmin I heard they die……… So I never stop even if I slow down. Even a step back is still movin’ Not my finest, but it is what it is.

Get higher


Pretty cool vid featuring Mike Giant & Derick Montez gettin’ up in San Francisco .



Sunshine. Rarely does the sun shine in this city. Ran into an old OG status friend. Today just reminds me of the old Marshall high school days. Anyway I took pics all day with my phone. Randomly found these caps in my bag. I had forgot I had them. 3 Krylon caps, a fatcap, and […]