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Tiny SSR


10×4.5 SSR. Got this off AusZoku. Advertisements



Hella gas in my oil. Still plenty of smoke. I think I need a fuel pressure regulator asap. Other than that got some Reeboks. The Assaults were startin to get a little dated. So I got somethin new. Somethin plain, but namebrand, and somethin I haven’t seen people wearin’ yet. Cream & Brown is kinda classy, but I’ve already been skatin […]

Suede II


Classic motor, and some classic Adidas. Suede toe Samba’s. I never played much soccer, but I like these alot.



Should I get one of those train handle rings? Or would that be copyin eveybody. Not sure what direction the Z is goin. Kinda likin the Kyusha style, but also the Euro. For now, I just know it’s gonna be flush, and the L28 is gonna have ITB’s. On a side note. I only get […]

Added a new a new category. Kicks & Whips. All the cool shoes with cars I find will go here. To commemorate this new category. I took a pic of some classic style seude KSwiss I own. I know my phone’s camera sucks at night. The black & white feature helps a little though.

Shoes & Whips


Dunno why I like these kinda pics so much. I got this one off RA64 Freddy. I’m feelin’ the shoes are way  more than the rims though. If anybody finds anything similar I’d appreciate a forward. I should start a category for these types of pics.

Racer86 style


Got these from Racer86’s Weblog. I dunno why this idea hella stuck with me.  Top pic is the KP with Etnies, The second is the Miata with some DC’s. Had to try it myself. Fighter RYZ’s