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Roll me one.


Sick pics of Monkeymagic86‘s rollcage, and an R32’s cage. Full shoots, and info on I promise you all (and myself) a cage by the end of this year in my Z. Advertisements

You know who.  Rob aka Roadsterdrift‘s friend Masa’s AE86 coupe. Anybody who follows this thing knows I sweat this car. He needs to get a blog.

Fatboy garage


Pics stolen from Henry’s Blog. I guess at Fatboy garage. Hella sick display. I need to do this with an L28. I reeeeaaaallllly want that Godspeed sticker.



I’m mos def a Porsche lover. The Cayman’s are sick, but I mostly like the old school non-flared models. They are one of the few cars that appeal to my eyes as much as the the S30Z. This 68′ 911 racecar was for sale in december for a little over 90k. I see the regular one’s for around 10k […]

Edited a pic a little bit. Anybody have an idea what it would cost to have the front bumper re-chromed, and straightened?

You all know Slamburglars. They are responsible for that extra low Miata on SSR MKII’s that eveybody loves. Well they also roll an S13 dubbed “Drift Unicorn”. It’s cream in color with a black hood. It’s been de-lowered for legal reasons, and is no longer going to be a daily. Which is a shame.

Drivin a 74′ Eldorado to work daily is killin me. It runs perfect, but it has a 500ci motor. So I’ve been lookin for a cheap daily for now that can be fixed up later. Think cheap, good runner, old school, beat up, 4AGE possible, Think 76′ to 79′ Corolla. I’m tryin to get this thing Tuesday.