81′ Boxed friend


On the way out of work. I noticed a brown box. Upon closer inspection I realized this box was one of my favorite cars. An 81′ Rolla wagon. I then noticed the owner under hood. Then I noticed ‘gasp’ a 4AGE. He swapped it in himself. We talked a little, he owns an MKII Supra, and  race prepped MKIII Supra. So he’s sellin the Wagon for a turbo motor swap. If I had $2000 I would have given it to him on the spot. It was lowered on Konig rewinds, front mount oil cooler, and the yellow high beams. It’s exactly what I want. Hopefully I can save up 15 hun before he sells it.


6 Responses to “81′ Boxed friend”

  1. 1 Phil

    Do it. If you need any more convincing (which you probably don’t) you can tell yourself it will be practical.

    • Trust me I need no further convincing. It will be practical. Until I get too rev happy an take it to 9k all day. Perfect summer, daily car.

  2. Dude grab it asap! I seen this on hachiroku.net for sale. Thats ridiculously cheap, if it were down here it would be gonzos already by me!! Bwhahaha.

    • I need in on that Rolla life. I love my S30Z, but i like Rolla’s way more than any other Datsun.

  3. blasphemy! don’t listen to brice and his toyota preaching! DATSUNS ALL DAY! but a ‘rolla like that would be scooped up quick in hawaii (probably by brice)… hahahaha!

  4. pick it up!!!!

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