I’m mos def a Porsche lover. The Cayman’s are sick, but I mostly like the old school non-flared models. They are one of the few cars that appeal to my eyes as much as the the S30Z. This 68′ 911 racecar was for sale in december for a little over 90k. I see the regular one’s for around 10k every now & then.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I’d lower & daily this all year round.


3 Responses to “100K”

  1. blasphemy! flared OG porsches are the best!

    • I’m a simple man with simple taste. All I need is a clean body of the widest possible wheels. To me non-flared cars are more graceful looking. Flares add a serious track car look. Which is also sick.

  2. If kyushakai had a Porsche would be like that 😆 Well bit more slammed

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