Daily heartbreaker


Drivin a 74′ Eldorado to work daily is killin me. It runs perfect, but it has a 500ci motor. So I’ve been lookin for a cheap daily for now that can be fixed up later. Think cheap, good runner, old school, beat up, 4AGE possible, Think 76′ to 79′ Corolla. I’m tryin to get this thing Tuesday.


3 Responses to “Daily heartbreaker”

  1. ooh what’s the asking price?

    • It was at an Auction. I dunno what it went for. I was gonna go, but I have no money until friday, so why bother.

  2. I know the feeling. Right now one of my jobs pays for the gas to get me to school and to my other job.

    Here are some cheap mpg cars for you: http://www.mpgomatic.com/2007/10/08/super-cheap-high-mpg-cars-1978-1981/

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