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2014 is gonna be dope. Advertisements

Soon I’ll be dealin with this weather. Pretty much the whole year. Easy on tires I love it. Plus it’s crazy and dangerous. Wish me luck. Fisrt video is Drift Firm, Second is Slidefactory, and 3rd Roadsterdrift.

Ahhhh…..So the Z needs an alternator. It started sputterin an losing power, so I forced home then it died right when I got off the freeway. Simple fix, but damn . On the bright side. My neighbor may have a roofrack that’ll go on the Z. = )

No updates. I still drive it, it still smokes some, I still love it. The stickers make it faster.  

Northwest Swag


I’ve been livin in Portland 5 years. Ever since I was 15. A big thing I notice is that V dubs, and subi’s are king, and roof racks are popular cause of the bike craze. Point is me & the Z need them in our lives……badly. I want.