Sunshine. Rarely does the sun shine in this city. Ran into an old OG status friend. Today just reminds me of the old Marshall high school days. Anyway I took pics all day with my phone.

Randomly found these caps in my bag. I had forgot I had them. 3 Krylon caps, a fatcap, and one detail.

One day I’ll sand this down.

Really hopin my next/ first real mod will be coilovers.

Still got love for orange.

Decided to go up the street, and check out the graff, and old racecars.

These guys are pretty good. Not crazy good, still above alot around here.

GM X-body Nova. With at least 14×10? 12? Whatever they are wide as hell.

Went around front to ask about the roll cage, and met a hella cool guy.  If I buy the tubing. Then he’ll have me help out in making a rollcage for the Z.

Check the real wideview mirror in this old Caprice.

Got lip?


3 Responses to ““SUNSHINE””

  1. I love seeing s30’s that actually get driven any day, but you really should just cut all that bondo off and replace it with some real metal. I also say you cut off the rear bumper mount, but that’s just me. I like to cut things off my car.

    • Thaks. It’s just a thin layer of bondo. I was thinkin of gettin another fender. Why cut it? I have to drop the tank to unbolt that side. I just don’t wanna deal with the rusted bolts.

      • Just let them soak overnight in PB Blaster (or whatever penetrating lube you prefer) and buy some replacements before you tear it all down.

        That’s the rear, next to the gas tank? I thought it was the front passenger fender, from the photo.

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