Makeshift “Nasty” Marker


Have you ever seen those tags on mail boxes. The extra dark, extra runny ones? That’s usually ink. The way I used to achieve this simply would be to go to some office supply, home depot, and walmart type stores. Get some ink. Like maybe 5 or 10 refill bottles for an ink pad (or any bottled ink). Then some duct tape, a few sponges, and thin pcv pipe.

Basically. Take the pipe. Duct off one exit. Make sure it’s duct taped extremely well. If the ink leaks you’ll have a real nasty mess. Now fill the pipe about 3/4 with ink. Stuff the sponge in the pipe. It has to fit extra tight otherwise the ink will try an seep out the edges. Let the sponge stick out like a marker, but with about an extra 1/2 inch so you can duct tape enough of the sponge to the pipe to make it stable. That is it. You now have a “Nasty” marker. Don’t let it get on anything you don’t want ruined. Also you can just throw a plastic bag & rubberband over the sponge so it doesn’t dry up. Done right you can be just like KRINK.

It can be done with smaller things like glue sticks, hollowed sharpie’s etc., and some people use chalkboard erasers instead of sponge. It’s up to you. Just experiment.


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