New One.


Sorry for the lack of  post. No internet at the moment. Anyway I been busy.

New rears for ths Z.

Dug up alooot of paint cans.

Got my sister some DC’s for her birthday

An made her a semi quick card.

An last but not least. I bought a 71′ Datsun 1200. I’m the 2nd owner. Even got the original title from 1971.

Got a hella cool mask. Almost as scary as my face.


11 Responses to “New One.”

  1. Dude that 1200 is legit!

  2. 3 Isidro

    i like the mask

  3. 5 Phil

    Holy shit. Mean aquisition. What are your plans for the 1200? And what sort of shape is it in?

    • Pretty much just slam it and then paint. After that daily. Some headers, and sidedrafts at some point.

  4. 7 TinMan

    That’s a cool Datsun. Replace the windshield and put some paint on that thing!

  5. 8 bkh808

    How much you score the datsun for?

  6. DATTO!!!!!

    haha i was wondering where you went.

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