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Nobody got it.


The mystery brackets from yesterday were for somethin older then my car. 240Z bumper adapters. Advertisements

All you sticker tuners hit up Minto Fruit if you want in on somethin’ exclusive, and hella sick. I’m to poor at the moment to get my hands on these hot horsepower adders, but you can reach them. Just pull out those fat wallets(or thin ones). I quote… “For a limited time only – no re-prints, no re-runs, […]

5 hours


Sorry for the lack of content today. It took about 5 hours instead of 1 to make these. That’s what happens when you combine a great sawzall with worn out blades. I cut them off a car trailer support, and then trimmed them down to the right size. Good thing I used my magic hands. Anybody know […]

Mark II


87′ Cressida on WORK Equip 02’s

New Jack City


I want this shirt. I’m doin my exhaust like this. It’s so damn fresh. Eseeramorihs posted about these shirts. On a side note. I’m a Wayne fan. Maybe he isn’t the best rapper alive, but his lyrics always make me remember, an walk around sayin them. His verses improve any song, but on that note. The […]

A few standouts from Fukuoka Custom Car Show 2010. Pics stolen from Nengun. Kei Paddock brought 2 NA SR’d Nissans. The 510 is to much only the motor is cool. Mmmm Blue valve cover + ITB’s= winnnnnn. My Favorites This Ladies & Gents is stance on a very high level.


More of Dsalni‘s “Snow plow” S30Z. It looks like a 280Z with the lower half of the nose swapped for 240Z parts so the spoiler would have more clearance. I dunno if it was by accident or for the extra clearance. Either way this thing is sick.