Oh I think I went a lil to dark?

I have nuthin to post today. To much job searchin/ interview goin on. So I’m just gonna throw up some people who actually read my weak blog. Thanks.

 Daitan Spirits


Driven Daily

Kyusha Kai

N/A on the run

R32 Taka

RA64 Freddy

Al’s car stuff


This is not everyone. Just the usual suspects.


5 Responses to “……..”

  1. I think it’s just fine. A friend of mine had a Dakota with darker headlights and they lite the street just fine.

    Thanks for the love man.

  2. I’m keeping my eye on your blog too, seems to be some cool stuff on here, and i wanna see the progress on the z.

    • Thanks. Things are slow now because of my unemployment, but I have alot of plans, and research to back up my next moves are just waitin on the funds.

  3. 4 Freddy


  4. 5 eseer

    haha, nah, i’m sure it’ll all come together when you do more work on the car x]

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