New Jack City


I want this shirt. I’m doin my exhaust like this. It’s so damn fresh. Eseeramorihs posted about these shirts. On a side note. I’m a Wayne fan. Maybe he isn’t the best rapper alive, but his lyrics always make me remember, an walk around sayin them. His verses improve any song, but on that note. The Rebirth sucks. Don’t buy it. Just get; Prom Queen, Drop the world, On fire, and Ground Zero……maybe Paradise. The rest aren’t even worth listenin to in my opinion.

Here is the rest of the Shatsu lineup.

Hit em up, get somethin. (If you can read Czech)


4 Responses to “New Jack City”

  1. That’s an awesome shirt

  2. They should send all over the world

  3. 3 eseer

    Man, I really want one, but like you said, can’t buy because can’t read 😦 haha

  4. If you wish a translate 🙂 I could help, I’m from Czech

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