5 hours


Sorry for the lack of content today. It took about 5 hours instead of 1 to make these. That’s what happens when you combine a great sawzall with worn out blades. I cut them off a car trailer support, and then trimmed them down to the right size. Good thing I used my magic hands.

Anybody know what they are?


18 Responses to “5 hours”

  1. Mounts for a pizza box wing? 😀

  2. mount for the oil cooler 😀

    • Haha nope. I’m still not even sure how to hook that thing up.

      • wow I thought I was right one the money. Other then the oil cooler the only thing that I can guess is some sort of rear wing because of ur reply to the 1st coment

      • Haha wow I thought you guys would get it right off. Oil cooler was closer than spoiler.

  3. license relocation bracket?

  4. i haven’t the foggiest idea… if anything, i would guess seat brackets? but judging from the magazine in the background, ENGINE MOUNTS FOR A VR38DETT!?!

    • Hahaha nope it’s for the exterior of the car. I’d go for a Stroked RB26 to RB28, and then throw ITB’s on it before the V swap.

  5. Mounts for a front lip spoiler? (Also hopefully made from a pizza box…or carbon fiber)

  6. 15 Freddy

    Voltex Wing brackets??

  7. 16 Freddy

    Or hood hinges..for a itb RB..

  8. Front bumper!!!!?

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