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New One.


Sorry for the lack of  post. No internet at the moment. Anyway I been busy. New rears for ths Z. Dug up alooot of paint cans. Got my sister some DC’s for her birthday An made her a semi quick card. An last but not least. I bought a 71′ Datsun 1200. I’m the 2nd […]



Eseeramorihs. Always comes out with some beautiful photography. In my opinion it’s art. Anyway here is somethin blue from him. Deep down I’m forever lovin the color blue. A few more just cause they are so clean. This guy mos def has alot of talent with a lens.

Panscrapers with a type 3 Vdub. I’ve always wanted one of these, but they never pop up. Anyway their website isn’t in english, but I understand slammed stance & classic Volkswagon plenty. Start with a rollin’ shot



Crazy Octopus just installed megan coilovers on his Z with a kit from a member of hybrid Z. I’m seriously thinking about gettin this kit within the next month. The result.

Mesh III


R-preme has these tripple piece 15×8 -5 offset Weds mesh for $500 shipped. Somebody could be killin with these. I’m secretly hoping nobody buys them. That way I can get them.

Other side


Slamburglars. They moved over to wordpress. Anyway this Miata is built for a completely different purpose. In a completely different way than the one in my last post. It’s back in hardtop. Sittin’ so right.

I still own the issue of Modified mag this car was in. It will forever be my favorite Miata. Hella mean lookin an boosted college girl car. Old pics….. but yeah only change I’m aware of are the rear tailights.