“That” Miata


I still own the issue of Modified mag this car was in. It will forever be my favorite Miata. Hella mean lookin an boosted college girl car.

Old pics….. but yeah only change I’m aware of are the rear tailights.

6 Responses to ““That” Miata”

  1. 1 Isidro

    woah thats mean
    and did you say… college girl car?
    double woah!!

  2. 4 dsalni

    wow… that brings back memories.. my good friend Chris still owns that car. we went to school together. the first set of photos was taken close to downtown detroit, YEARS ago. that was a good time. i’ll dig up some photos i took that day and send them your way 🙂

    • 5 enoezam

      Thanks. Your Z reminds me of this car alot. Actualyy Miata’s an S2K’s are the closest to the S30Z’s in my opinion.

  3. 6 Freddy

    It was on modified mag i think..shits mean!

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