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One pic to sum up what I been doin lately. Took the wagon to seaside. A little under 200 miles round trip. Not a single problem, besides the fact that it needs alignment badly. I swear all 4 tires were good before the trip, and when I got back all 4 are worn on the […]



Midnight Mechanics back again with the Rolla I <3. +2 for the new exhaust.

Wheels & Wagons


Had an small adventure last night in the wagon. Went to Vancouver, WA to pick up some 13′ mags. Wheels were all over the place. Decided to hae them all de-tired since not a single one had a decent tire on it. Now stack them. Get them straight. Yay Wagon status. the big ones are […]

I was supposed to go to Salem today. That’s about 100 miles round trip. So I was up at about 7:30am to get the wagon ready. First checked my brakes. They made a lil squeak the other day, but they were fine so idk. After that went to Autozone. Bought spark plugs, oil, an oil […]

Wiz Khalifa


Good music.



This T is hella killin, but $30 for a single t-shirt. Maybe I’ll buy it for myself as a birthday gift…. or make one. After all I am a grafittian. FATLACE.COM check them out.

No L’s


But a nice RB setup. I’m still keepin my L28E though.