Your guide to old school Datsun’s pt.1


I was supposed to go to Salem today. That’s about 100 miles round trip.
So I was up at about 7:30am to get the wagon ready.
First checked my brakes. They made a lil squeak the other day, but they were fine so idk.

After that went to Autozone. Bought spark plugs, oil, an oil filter,and an air cleaner. I actually been drivin it without one. Changed the oil. Checked the brake, clutch, diff, and trans fluids. All ok = )

I guess 7 years ago (Yes this car was last registered in 03′) before I got this car it was loved. NGK plugs, and NGK wires. I put bosch plugs on. When I redo the motor I’ll get all the good NGK stuff again. For now I’m poor, and just need it running.

Oh I would’ve replaced the fuel filter too, but the previous owner had already done it. Even gave me a spare. Anyway that’s all for now. pt.2 soon. I’ll try to take more fitting pics next time.


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