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Quick pic


My wagon, and a friends Sentra SE-R. Cleanest/lowest SE-R I’ve ever seen. Carbon hood, yakima roof rack with bike capabilities, 04′ bronze powder coated wheels with spacers pushin them out all around. Idk what kind of coils, but knowing him I’m sure they weren’t made for a Sentra, probably not even a nissan lol. Advertisements

Purple Hippo


Lol down the street from my job there’s this big purple hippo? Wtf idk. Yes I know.



Remember these? Well I’m seriously thinking about having them powder coated. What color though? I’m thinkin Orange duh…. or purple just cause it’s such a big contrast.

Random snap…


Just runnin errands. The quick release isn’t installed. I just didn’t want to leave it on the back seat. I need a damn 5 or 6 bolt hub.



Got the rack on. At some point I’ll stop bein lazy an drop this thing. I have all the parts ready. Just sittin in my room.