I took the above image with my cellphone while drivin the 510 on the freeway. Anyway I’m sure you all recognize what type of car this is. Yesterday as I go on the freeway. I instantly recognized an R34 nose in my rearview. I was kinda awe-struck at first. It was creepin up kinda slow. I guess because of how slammed it was. Then it pulled up casually and passed me. As soon as I heard the blow off valve exhale. I felt delighted by the sound, but at the same time awkward. Like I’m not supposed to be here drivin next to Godzilla himself. The encounter was short, but long enough to make me rethink my wagon. I’ve been a little dissapointed with it’s lack of power lately. It’s slow. I knew it would be, I expected it to be. That doesn’t change the fact that it is though. I’ve been thinkin of just moddin the L16 a little, and that’s it. Now I need an SR20DET in this thing. I got off work a little after 8am. On the drive home there are a few hills & curves. There on my drive home after workin a 12 hour shift. I fell back in love with my Goon. It’s slow, and rattles, but the brakes pedal is awesome. The way it feels when I let off an it makes that click as it pops back up. The way the car handles in general is fun as hell. Still after seein Godzilla I can’t help but chase after him. The only way to do that is an SR, and every mod to my front suspension/brakes possible. Not that I’m ever hopin to beat an R34 in a 510 Wagon lol. I just wanna be cool too. Sorry for the long wordy post. I’ll try and take some pics today to make up for it.


3 Responses to “Epiphany”

  1. schweeet. nice sniper shot! haha

  2. 3 Bc

    meh it has no character.. 510 has character. Wouldnt be jealous of the 34 if I was rocking a wags.. I’d only be jealous of the 34’s ride height. Get him lowdown already 😀 haha

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