Ok so no pics. I bought some 3 inch lowering blocks. Which means I need to mod the front springs to drop it just about 4 inches. Also may be gettin some apc seats. Gay I know, but better than stock, and cheap. $120 for both. I’m hella reseachin SR swaps, and antihop bars. For those who don’t know solid rear axle cars under heavy torque/ acceleration tend to lift, bounce, or hop a little causing a loss in performance.

Anyway good track from Wiz Khalifa. Off the Kush and Orange Juice mixtape


2 Responses to “Upgrades”

  1. cool stuff
    good song

  2. here’s what you do. Slam your 510, get a banging ass system, cruise with all windows down, bumping this song and the whole album.

    Trust me, been there done that hahahha. Keep on updating man, i love your Goon.

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