Sorry for the lack of post. I’ll flood this thing soon. Just turned 21 on the 7th. Between that an work I been dead tired.

Ima go and get the rest of my arm pretty much sleeved as soon as I finish the sketches.
As far as cars go… The wagon got wheels. 13×6 front 14×7 rear.

They been rubbin in the rear so I had a flatten the inside arches some.

Now I really do have to drop the front.


4 Responses to “Tatted”

  1. 1 Isidro

    1- happy birthday
    2- congrats on the tats
    3- drop the front!
    4- do you plan on keeping those wheels for a while? or… r u after some other stuff?

    • 1.Thanks.
      2.It’s just the start. Sleeve status soon.
      3.Hopefully tomarrow if not then not weekend for sure.
      4.Thse are for now. I’m always after wheels. I’mmore concerned wit th dropping of th car for now.

  2. i demand more pics of tat!

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