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Light & Logic.


Light & Logic Motion Pictures on Vimeo. Awe inspiring. Advertisements

Um I drive a 72′ Datsun Wagon……. this bus was that short I swear. A few at home. Oh I had to take the 14×7’s off the rear. 195/70’s are to wide. They were rubbin to much when people were in the car. So until I get a decent sized tires. I think I’m gonna […]

FD vs S14


One day my Z & wagon will be this cool…… then Ima wake up.



I’ve never seen a turbo header on a non-turbo car. I know it’s prob not a very effecient or power addin idea, but 3 reasons this is a plus. 1. No header fitment troubles. 2. Easier to remove entire exhaust. 3. Adds boost lol.



So still no windshield for the 1200. I did find a guy selling a KA single cam for real cheap $225. And a guy with an S14 KA24DE for $700. I’ve driven a few S13’s but they were all dual cam. So my question is if I did get the single cam would I be […]



Um Kyusha kai asked so here it is. It’s a wing. Still needs the shading and all the lines, and detail put on it. It’s the start of a sleeve that I don’t have the time or money to get done and colored. There’s a few stars, some lettering, a revolver, and some other things […]

A series


A series carb + turbo. Crude but mos def effective….. unless it breaks.