Days of our lives


I drive the Z daily. Here are a few pics from yesterday…………

 Got home sanded & primered the left fender (where the bondo was), roof, and hatch.

Went to the mini mart.

Went to get groceries. Parked next to a Rolla wagon. 81′-82′? Somethin like that. It was in pretty good shape. Decent paint, nice carpet, and leather shift knob/sock.

On the way home (Ignore the strip club in the backround. We didn’t go in anyway) stopped by a friends. Spotted and parked next to a 74′ Corona wagon. I say 74′ because it has the some hood, and tailights ours had.

Pretty beat up. I like it like this for some reason.

Only downside was that it was an auto. = (

That was about it. I spent today after work workin on small stuff. Maybe an under hood update tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Days of our lives”

  1. so how was the strip club?

    • That Kyusha Kai sarcasm. The Corona was cool except it was an auto. All I got to see was the parking lot of the club.

  2. w00t ’80 Wagon

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