Still am sick. Stayed an extra 2 hours on the first day work today………… Basically I’m a I just wanna chill now. Drivin the Eldorado everyday is makin me miss the Z alot. I need to get it legal asap.

One good thing is that since I’m actually workin now. I can buy stuff after about 2 paychecks. 1. paint rims & buy 5th one as spare. 2. muffler,hood emblem, driver seat. 3. Rollcage 4. Bodywork/ 370Z black paint. 5. engine bay, 6. coilovers. 7. interior. 8. Complete suspension re-up. 9. Another L28 to build up.


4 Responses to “Zzzzz…..”

  1. them bumpers really complete your car!

  2. Keep working. Sometimes is difficult get money to spend it on cars… Your Z will be look great one day!!

    • I’m really looking to paint it before summer. After all the cars I’ve had, sacrificed,and sold while owning the Z. I’ll never give up on this car. It’ll probably never be complete in my eyes. Forever small upgrades & resto.

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