Big 3


The main 3 S30Z’s on the interwebs.


Kyusha Kai


The other noteworthy guys are; Henry, Shakotan Oscar, & Riverside. They also own S30Z’s, but all 3 are garaged/not ready yet.


4 Responses to “Big 3”

  1. am i really considered one of the main Z’s on the interwebz? haha, thanks a lot man!

  2. 2 dsalni

    likewise! thanks so much for the kind words and thinking so highly of the old lady lol.. i’m currently HATING the front end..

    • It’s all good. Maybe I just like the olde ladies. I meant to ask ar yo keepin the 280Z binkers, or are you gonna take them out and bolt in a 240Z grille?

  3. 4 dsalni

    Planning on taking the 280z blinkers out for sure. Got a 240z grille sitting around too. havent had a chance to completely swap all the parts yet though…

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