No power steering, no ABS, manual windows, manual seats. Part of the reason I picked this car is because it has everything a new sports car has, but at the same time is alot more raw. I like learning how far the brakes can be pressed before they lock, and the feel of manual steering. So just like my last car. I’m throwin a bare metal wheel in the Z.


3 Responses to “Raw”

  1. I like the pure rawness of ur Z. No bells and whistles. Just straight to the point. I loved braking hard on my old fc too to see where the brakes lock. It was awesome. I felt more connected to my fc that had no abs and no power window, but it did have power steering tho.

    • It’s not raw. It’s ragedy. It was supposed to get done after my 200SX. Then I bought a Starion too, but since I had to sell them both the Z now has my entire attention. I can’t wait until I get it low, and the bodywork done with that tripple black paint on it.

  2. +1 on rawww. i love it. rode in a friend’s G35. it was cushy and fast, but it’s just not as fun.

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