Hella IV hero


First Yuta, and now Kyusha Kai. The S30Z community is growin’ it’s cool to actually see people other than myself who actually drive thier Z’s and are into tuning, and stance. It was for a long time I only met older guys who liked my cars.

Anyway check out the new look of Kyusha Kai’s Z, and the rear camber.


My favorite pic. Check the weld in camber plates & full roll cage.

Mmmm camber.


5 Responses to “Hella IV hero”

  1. kyusha’s Z is impressive right now. Very nice Z. Front bumper and wheels are amazing!

  2. So rad! Love this car man. Thanks for posting. Fairlady for the WIN!

  3. 3 Freddy

    Liked it before..LOVE it now.

  4. thanks guys! she’s the love of my life and still not finished yet!!!

  5. Mee in the 2nd pic!

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