“That Z”


I haven’t seen many people postin about the famous Heartbreakers Z lately. It’s still alive, and about to be reborn. Already on new wheels, and about to have new paint soon. Hit up Oh, you speak English? まじで? for the full rundown.

Looks like it’s just primed in some places at the moment. Sittin on the new wheels, and some sick white letter tires.


6 Responses to ““That Z””

  1. 1 Freddy

    Cant wait for more Heartbreakers and Yuta’s Zombie….

    • He’s tryin to paint it back theoriginal silver so it may be the end of the Zombie soon.

  2. I have mixed feelings. In one hand I want him to finish it, but on the other to be it was done and should be left the way she was, zombie like.

  3. 4 Jesse

    I definitely preferred it raw and mismatched and ratted, with welding burn marks and faded paint all over.

  4. That one is Yuta’s Z now??

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