I love the rawness of these pics of Hades Omega‘s L28ET powered S30Z. It’s just a regular car that’s being modified, not some rich guy with an RB makin 500hp, and all the extras he wants. This could easily be a daily.

Yay! turbo.


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  1. Love it, but that engine bay needs a serious decluttering. The l28et has gobs of excess all over it, and it really needs a better ECU to feed it (like MegaSquirt). Those two small changes would make this a flat-out gorgeous daily driver (and could bump it up into the 40mpg range).

    • An ecu. How hard are these to swap? 40mpg sounds good to me. Plus I want to see what kinds of secret power I can get from one. Teach me sensei.

      • Oh man, is that ever a can of worms. I just started writing up a brief overview of ECU’s… then it became not-so-brief, so I’ll publish an article and link you to it today. There’s a lot to consider with ECU/sensor swaps, and some of them are just plug-and-play while others are more involved.

  2. Don’t like the rear window screen thing. Also it could use a drop tho

    Other then that, its an awesome car.

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