For the high Rolla’s


I still want an 80′ to 84′ Rolla. Or maybe an even older one. I love the boxy 2 door styling. This one isn’t packin a 4AGE either. It’s a Beams motor. Say it with me B.E.A.M.S.

I guess NA wasn’t enough. He upgraded it to this.


9 Responses to “For the high Rolla’s”

  1. for some reason, i like the sedan better than the coupe for the early 80’s corollas. i have no idea why. and i’ve never felt that way before about any other car. i always feel like the coupe will always have better lines and look sexier, but the coupe corolla just doesn’t do it for me.

  2. You know that Beams is 3SGTE, aye?

  3. Well, it is now anyway. It was 3SGE beforehand.

    As far as *E70’s go. Not really my cup of tea, I don’t mind the TE71 though.

    • It’s not especially low, or special in any way. I just like these cars in general. Ok and a 3SGTE was in Celica’s, and MR2’s right? So the beams was a special version or what?

      • The 3SGE was used in Altezza’s too IIRC. The Beams ones, I believe have more to do with Yamaha though I’m not tremendously up with the play on ‘yodas

  4. Needs two more doors and two more bumpers IMO. I do like the 3S on quads though.

  5. +1 on two more doors

    Should have been kept N/A in my opinion

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