Midnight Mechanics has had a blog this whole time………. Who all knew of this? I consider all you guys traiters. Nah it’s ok I’m still in love with this car. I’ve been posting everything I found about it on my blog, and they had one this whole time. Easily my favorite car out right now. (and the past year)

This car is what it’s all about. Simple yet complex, wild, yet tame. I dunno I’m shutting up now. This car could have me goin all night. No homo.

My own archieve of this car.


Midnight Mechanics…..again

Let there be “Streets”.




5 Responses to “Traiters”

  1. Hey mate, thanks for all the posting about my car!

    I hope to have plenty more for you to drool over, and the MM blog has only been up for a couple of weeks now… i finally got off my arse and got something together.
    Added you to my blog list too!

  2. Super cool blog you have here, man… Thanks for stopping by our site!

  3. S30z’s are rad, anyone that has the money and dedication to work on one of them is cool in my books. Id love to have one, but if i had every car id love to have id be a few cars short of a wrecking yard… not to mention broke lol.
    Yours looks like it needs alot of love, but my car was certainly no prize pig when i got it… it still isnt lol.

    Looking forward to seeing the progress of yours!

    • Thanks an I haven’t seen your interior the outside is on point. Mine needs bodywork the interior is in good shape.

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