Enoe Day


Pics from yesterday. Got up kinda early (sun was shining), and colored/ finished a 2 year old piece on my old board. Had to drill holes to retrofit the new wheels. Rides better with the longer wheelbase.

Pressed up some black dickies, and NFG hood. Threw on some black swiss classics to go check out a 64′ International Scout. That’s a small SUV from a discontinued American car company for any who don’t know.

Headed there with my brother. Left my number. No return call though.

Stopped home then went to disneyland…..I mean U-Pull it.

First thing I saw was this AW11 for sale. Then the below 72′ Monte Carlo. Both run and drive.

Onto the actual parts cars. Kinda cool 87′ (or close to it) Civic.

Old Rotory motor.

Cool old school Subie.

The car I came for. Nice black 280ZX.

Dunno what the hell I was thinkin’ but I spaced out, and tightened instead of loosening and snapped literally every bolt while removin this.

Another Boxter, and another Rotory. There were 2 1st gen SA22 RX7’s, and 2 Of those old Subies.

Old Toyota pickup.

Wait waht is that…. (sun was in my eyes) Omg saved the best for last. 86′ Cressida.

Wandered around awhile. Lookin for treasures/odds & ends. Finally left. Went and hung out. Did random sunshine things, and then later on my ex/very beautiful girl asked me to do her name.

In case your wondering. All the graff suplies I have are 1 blue marker, 2 orange markers, maybe 8 black sharpies, 1 red ink pen (looks pink when used), 5 cans of red paint, and some diff caps fatcap, detailer/outline, krylon etc. So that’s why both pieces are blue.


5 Responses to “Enoe Day”

  1. No pictures of the Scout? 😦
    Sick board.

    • Thanks & Sorry the Scout wasn’t there. I just talked to the owner’s family and got his number. He has one I got some pics of, but it’s not the one he wants to sell so I’m not sure if he’d be ok with me postin them.

  2. So sad to see all of that potential having gone to waste over the years x]

  3. WOW! You don’t ever see a running AW11 around here for that price. That’s a steal from what I can tell.

    • I’d be on it if I had that kind of extra cash. It had no probs. Paint I don’t care about, and interior was ok.

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