The “Look”


Hella nice 240Z on hybridz belonging to Jmai86. It’s rockin’ a yuta type S13 coilover swap. This reminds me of my Z soon. But mine will hopefully be Just a inch lower, on wider wheels, and alot more camber.


5 Responses to “The “Look””

  1. You don’t know how happy that first pic got me. I thought it was your car, but then I saw the wheels and started reading.

    Can’t wait to see your plans come together

    • Hahaha sorry to get your hopes up. It’ll be upgraded soon hopefully. I looked it the paper today, and literally 15 ads in the employment section.

  2. 3 Seen in Japan

    ME too, I thought was yours…Anyway I hope yours get this look early

  3. haha, that’s me as “reintr0ducing” on that thread. i’ve been trying to figure out what would have cost less, an s13 coilover conversion or the GC set up. i just hope the GC’s get me as low as i want…

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