Pics from the summer. When I had the SX. Or Silvia S10 if you will. Downtown it was hot. Kept goin up an down on gears.


2 Responses to “Drive”

  1. I so wouldn’t have sold that Silvia if I’d had it. Just needed some non-US spec. bumpers on it and a healthy set of rims and slam to create a superb vehicular device.

    • I loved it. The stereo was a masterpiece, the engine bay was clean as hell, and the exhaust was a neighborhood menace. At the end of the day though I’m not workin. Bills come in everday. The Z has no tags and smokes alot so sellin for $300 or somethin was what I would get. I got some decent cash for that 200SX, and I’d do it again. Haha on the Upside the Z will be way better than the SX was. I go through alot of cars, so who knows I may end up with another someday.

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