Nice shot. Shoes are ok. I mean they nice. Just nuthin here is that fresh.


4 Responses to “Nike”

  1. 1 daitanspirits

    I’ve got a few pairs layin around. I was into the shoe game a while ago but I realized I value putting money into my car and other things more haha. My faves I have are the Goodfella highs and the Fujiwara black polka lows.

  2. 2 daitanspirits

    Side note, both pair are dunks.

    • True the shoe & clothing game is expensive. I’ve always just creased my Dickies, and wore classics.

      • 4 daitanspirits

        I love me some selvage denim though. I’ve been wearing the same pair of Gap Japanese denim slimcuts for 12 months now and hardly wash em. They’re coming along nicely. Lookin at getting a pair of Evisu XXs or APCs in about 7 or 8 months.

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