I heart this…. no these


First off I found my wallpaper today. I think it’s here to stay. That’s a damn 1st gen Civic with a Honda City Turbo motor. If you don’t know what a City is go look it up. It’s a Kei car.

Almost used this second one

An now for the post. Type 3. No stance, just slam. hit up Retro-Classics. I got the above honda pics, and the below VW from there. 


6 Responses to “I heart this…. no these”

  1. 1 Freddy

    My sisters like ” Your car’s a POS rust bucket”.. Im gonna show her the pics of the slammed VW..=)

  2. Hey man, if you want some higher Resolution shots of any of those pictures, just yell out. 😉

    • Any more of the Civic?

      • I might have one or two that I haven’t put up, how-ever we’ve sourced a parts car and in the coming weeks there shall be another mission embarked on to retrieve it at whcih point I’ll be able to take some more photos of the race Civic. Anything in particular you wanted to see?

  3. 5 daitanspirits

    Those are bitchin pictures, especially your wallpaper choice 😀

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