Yuta’s Z is cool. No doubt about that. But there are more cars in the Heartbreak family than just “That Z”. Namely this track ready/daily KA24 S12, and a Bagged 610 wagon. Both rockin SSR Longchamps. Well the S12 has work’s in the rear. Kyushakai now has a set of champs also.

Full article on the 610 at Speedhunter & for the S12 hit up Motormavens.


8 Responses to “Heartbreakers”

  1. Yea the wagon and the S12 are pretty nice too. I like the fact that the wagon is not perfect it wears its age and adds to its character. The S12, it has such a sik stance. I can look at that rear shot for minutes and not get bored.

  2. haha, i got tons of longchamps! i’ve been buying um all up with the intentions of putting them on the Z but everytime i get ready to, i find a nicer set with a deeper offset. this is my third and FINAL set. haha.

  3. 5 Freddy

    Kyusha Kai:: You selling any..lol..blog buddy discount..haha!!

  4. Ahh yes, that car crew. Its nice to see one, but to see a bunch of them hanging out in as a group of friends is incredible!

  5. 8 Seen in Japan

    This S12 is pretty nice. Check the pictures in his blog.

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