Should I get one of those train handle rings? Or would that be copyin eveybody. Not sure what direction the Z is goin. Kinda likin the Kyusha style, but also the Euro. For now, I just know it’s gonna be flush, and the L28 is gonna have ITB’s. On a side note. I only get to wear these a few days out the year. It rains to much for suede shoes. These are still extra clean an old school.

Does anybody know what kind of rims these are?


4 Responses to “Suede”

  1. 1 Freddy

    If you mean your copying if you have a gay charm from like Hot Topic or something, then yes..lmao..
    Handle rings are the shit..the real shit..haha
    Ohh.and Idk abut the rwheels..Riken maybe..just a guess…(nice shoes).

  2. I say get the ring. I personally think its classy on a old school jap car like your Z. I don’t think its copying. You just found something on someone else’s car cool and you want it too.

  3. Enkei Mesh 92

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