When I had the 79′ SX. That was a clean car. Alot of detail went into that car. Had it 2 years. People were suprised when this little awkward car went by with the exhaust on thunder status, An high trebble  mixed with  enough bass literally rattlin’ the trunk to wake the neighbors(True story). All it needed was to be lowered.

…… that’s the past. I just wanted to throw it up one last time.

How it came (after alot of cleanin, and rims flat painted)………….

All the things I picked, an put on while it was mine……..

Pioneer 50×4 faceoff, 4 pioneers, and a 8 inch MTX sub with a Fosgate punch amp. I’m tellin you it went so high, an hit so hard. Had to tune it down cause the trunk was ruinin the sounds.


3 Responses to “Remember…”

  1. just thought id drop in and say hey! guess what i have!
    also found your cardomain =p

    • Damn yeah that’s my old SX. I put alot of time into thar car especially the engine bay. Did you get the interior done up? That was the worst part of that car. How long have you owned it?

      • Any qestions you have just lemme know. Nobody knows much about this car. I spent a good year learnin all about it.

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