I want


My Z isn’t a 240Z it’s a 280. Therefore I need to lighten it up if I want to get the full advantage of the car. I figure I can at least go with a fiberglass hood, and hatch. 570Z went with a carbon hatch, hood, and cowl thing.

ZCC used to offer a carbon taillight panel for 280’s & 240’s, but sadly the 280 one is no longer available. You can still throw one on your 240Z though.


4 Responses to “I want”

  1. DAMN that’s nice. That will be a great addition to your Z and any Z.

  2. $$$$$$$!

    I was considering getting CF of fiberglass parts for not only weight saving, but also to preserve the oem parts incase I *knock on wood* crash. If I ever had to ship a metal hood to Hawaii it would cost me a fortune!

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