Hako Magic


I’m not a big Hako fan, but they do look good slammed. Plus theyre legendary racing history makes them godlike. Plus they had the S20 = ). Anyway here is one with a modified L28. Stole pics & specs from…. 

jdm style tuning


– L28 block, 89mm bore-up 2950cc
– 11:1 ART/HKS custom flat top pistons, 1mm HKS Moly rings
– Balanced & lightened crank & rods
– N42 head, 3mm shave, welded & reshaped chambers, 44mm & 37mm big valves,
custom retainers & valve springs, 41mm inlet ports
– 278 duration works rally cam, adjustable sprocket
– Redline intake manifold, match ported, FET Weber linkages
– Triple Weber 40DCOE carbs
– Trust headers & dual exhaust
– Recurved Skyline Japan electronic distributor, MSD Blaster3 coil
– Hi-volume oil pump
– Carter 72gph fuel pump
– Nismo extended sump
– 250hp

– Brass 3-puck clutch, sprung centre
– Stock pressure plate
– Lightened stock flywheel
– 4.625:1 open R180 diff
– 280ZX 5spd gearbox

– Front: Z31 300ZX Koni Yellow shocks, coilover conversion, 250 pound springs,
DatSport camber tops, Victory50 strut brace
– Rear: KYB Mono-gas shocks, 600 pound springs, Protec-S20 urethane short

– Endless Street-spec pads & shoes
– Speedbleeders

– Front: 14 x 7.5 -3 Watanabe A-type, 185/60-14 Yokohama C-Drive
– Rear: 14 x 9.5 -19 Watanabe R-type, 245/50-14 Yokohama A352

– Nismo Compe vintage steering wheel, 2000GTR replica hornpad
– Vintage Pioneer TSX-9 speakers, Sony single-CD deck
– Recaro LS driver’s seat

– Replica 2000GT-R racing flares, front spoiler & boot wing


2 Responses to “Hako Magic”

  1. you’re crazy man, how are you not a big hako fan!!! hahaha.

    • 2 enoezam

      I dunno. They are awesome cars. Just not one of my favorites. I’m a strange man.
      If I had one I would rip out the S20 an drop in in a jdm 240z.

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